Life Coaching for Christian Teen Girls!

Your Daughter will:

+Discover Her True Identity in Christ

+Become Confident in who God created her to be!

+Walk in her God-given Purpose

Hi! I'm Coach Jamie!

Life Coach for Christian Teen Girls.

It is my passion to guide teen girls to confidently overcome real life issues that they are facing in a way that stays true to who God created them to be.

When our daughters are not confident in who God has created them to be, it leads them to a place of insecurity where they are constantly trying to find their validation from the people around them or even activities that they're involved in.

The problem with finding her validation in those things is that they never really satisfy and instead will leave her in a place of:

+Never thinking she's good enough.
+Never feeling like she will measure up.
+Never feeling like she is pretty enough.
+Criticizing everything about herself.

Your daughter was meant to shine! God created her beautiful just the way she is!

What is a Teen Life Coach?

As a teen life coach, I work with your teen daughter discover her true identity in Christ: who it is that God says she is.

When she understands who it is that God says she is:

+She will grow stronger in her walk with God.
+She will become immune to the lies of this culture.
+She will develop true, Godly friendships.
+She will be able to make better decisions,
not giving into peer pressure to try to fit in.
+She will genuinely enjoy life more.
+She will be able to walk in her God-given destiny and purpose.

Know that coaching is not therapy nor is it counseling. Therapy and counseling are an outside-in approach. They see that there is a problem and they want to help offer a solution. There is definitely a time and a place for therapy and for counseling.

Coaching, however, is an inside-out approach. As a coach, I work with your daughter to draw out what God has already placed on the inside of her.

Coaching Programs

1-on-1 Life
Coaching Program

How One-On-One Coaching Works.

Our One-on-One Coaching Sessions are specifically designed for teen girls who need a more individual approach to coaching.

These coaching sessions are client-led as we work through your daughters biggest challenges to help her see real results in those specific areas. 

In this coaching program, we will focus on topics like:

+Discovering her true identity in Christ
 and growing in her walk with God

+Taking control of her emotions and her thoughts
so they don't control her.

+Develop healthy habits so that she can
live the life God designed her to live.

See if 1-on-1 Coaching is right for your daughter: 

 Group Life
Coaching Program

How Group Coaching Works.

One of the best ways to learn and grow is by learning and growing along with others. Through group coaching, your daughter will be in a group with other girls who are on the same journey as her, to help her see that she is not alone.

Group coaching provides a safe, supportive, friendly atmosphere where the girls will be able to support one another. It encourages and motivates them as they hear each other's experiences and see each other conquer fears.

In the group coaching sessions, we begin talking about identity. We'll talk about what  the world is trying to tell them about who they are and how it's so different than what God says about them.

From there, your daughter will gain practical, effective strategies and tools that as she applies them, will have her walking in confidence with who God says she is.

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We start September 6th!

Your Daughter Can Expect:

Weekly Coaching!

Weekly coaching that will help her become God-confident as she steps into who God has created her to be!

Weekly challenges to help her take ownership of her walk with God!

Grow in Her Walk with God!

Godly Friendships!

Connect with other teen girls who are passionate about their walk with God and will encourage her on her journey!

One-On-One Coaching Program:

12 Week One-On-One Coaching Program

1 60-Minute Coaching Session Per Week

Custom Program Created Specifically for Your Daughter.

1 Mom Group Prayer/Encouragement Call Each Month

Weekly Office Hours for Clarity and Support

$300/month or $850 Paid in Full

Let's Chat to see if One-On-One Coaching is Right for Your Daughter!

Group Coaching

12 Week Online Group Coaching Program

1  60-Minute Coaching Session Per Week

12 Girls from all over the United States and Canada

1 Mom Group Prayer/Encouragement Call Each Month

Weekly Office Hours for Clarity and Support

$200/month or $550 Paid in Full
Prices go up Monday, August 15th, 2022!

Our Next Group Coaching Program Starts September 5th!