Growing up in a home where I didn't know Jesus...

I felt like I was worthless. I felt like nothing I could do could measure up to those around me; that I would never be good enough.

I had so many insecurities and as a result found myself trying to find my acceptance from anybody or anything I possible could.

It wasn't until I was 17 years old that a friend of mine invited me to church where I heard how much God loved made and all that Jesus did for me so that He could have a relationship with me.

It rocked my world! I couldn't believe that anybody would actually love me and accept me in spite of all the things I had done in my life...God actually wanted me to be His daughter!

Shortly after graduating high school, God called me to serve teens, especially Christian teen girls.

It is my honor to help you overcome the real life challenges you are facing, but in a way that stays true to who God created you to be!

Join us for the NEXT
UncommonTEEN Bible Study!

Your daughter will:

+Make Godly Friendships

+Get Inspired by Other Teen Girls Walking This Journey with Her

+Be Mentored as She Gains a Deeper Revelation of How Much God Loves Her!

Moms are Always Welcome to Join Us!

Fun Facts About Me!

Being outside in nature with God is my happy place! 

We recently moved from the city to the mini mountains of Middle TN of (however still close enough to my church and civilization).

I'm definitely not a city girl! I love to hike and to play disc golf...really anything that has to do with being outside. 

Sometimes I'm a bit too adventurous!

My husband saved my life right after we first met, because I chose to slide on an ice-covered pad of cement.

It wouldn't have been so bad, except it was tilted toward a 20' drop-off with huge rocks.

I highly dislike winter and all things cold!

I would much rather be outside somewhere that it was 120 degrees than be somewhere that is 30 degrees or below.

Honestly, I can't think of anything. I actually like that is cold. 

I am always up for a good & wholesome Challenge!

In highs school, one of my biggest goals I had was to win The Most Spirited during Spirit Week. I would go all out every year, but wouldn't win...

Until my senior year of high school when I finally won The Most Spirit!